Newcastle City Council


2 days

Project Overview:

A trial was conducted to determine the suitability of shot patch as a permanent solution to rehabilitate the existing eroded sea wall along Shortland Esplanade. The trial was also to determine minimum requirements for surface preparation and reinforcement.Testing is to be carried out by the client to determine the integrity of product after suitable exposure to the environment.
Also to determine minimum preparation requirements to achieve and maintain suitable bond to the substrate.

Areas of consideration:

The integrity and physical nature of the existing substrates
Products and application systems to be considered must withstand the extreme marine environment, continual tidal movements and unpredictable swell and weather conditions.
The limited curing conditions and the extreme exposures require specialised materials and applications.


Completed Works:

- Mechanical surface preparation

- Design and implementation of reinforcement options

- Application of ShotPatch 20 MCI