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Wet area waterproofing
Liquid membrane systems to BCA & AS 3740 requirements

Roofs, decks, podiums
Trafficable liquid membrane systems, torch on, TPO, HDPE sheet membrane systems, cementitious and multi component membrane systems.

Penetrations and conduits
Modular sealing systems, water stops, swell able mastics, polyurethanes.

Tanks, tunnels, retaining walls and lift pits
Liquid membrane systems, torch on, TPO & HDPE sheet membrane systems, cementitious and multi component membrane systems.

Investigative , specialised
Rising damp, injection systems, hydrostatic membranes and water stops.

Concrete Repair & Treatments

Specialist Service


Joint and crack repairs
Cementitious and epoxy repair mortar systems, injection systems, joint sealing applications

Structural repairs
High performance cementitious and epoxy repair mortar systems, injection systems, reinforcement restoration and protection, pier and footing restoration

Concrete cancer, concrete spalling
High performance cementitious and epoxy repair mortar systems, gunite and shot patching applications, reinforcement restoration and protection, under water grouts and mortars.

Concrete grinding, levelling and resurfacing
Diamond grinding, hydro blasting, cementitious/epoxy screeds and self-levellers,

High Performance Coatings & Toppings

Specialist Service


Concrete sealing and dust proofing, surface treatments
Penetrative sealers, densifiers, single component and epoxy systems for car parks, driveways, factories and workshops.

Industrial and commercial applications
High solids epoxy systems, multi-layer epoxy and polyurethane topping systems, fast curing MMA systems for commercial applications; food, beverage and pharmaceutical production and processing and extremely hard wearing epoxy and cementitous toppings for industrial applications; mining automotive and manufacturing workshops (PHOTOS- klosters, mine, Westrac, bar, kitchen, BHP)

Decorative flooring
High solid epoxy coatings, water based epoxies, self-levelling screeds, urethanes, concrete polishing/grinding and sealing, flake flooring, architectural finishes for commercial fit outs, show rooms, garages and living areas.

Chemical resistant applications
High solids epoxies, water based epoxies, multi-layer epoxy and polyurethane screeds, acid resistant novolacs and vinyl esters, acid resistant brick and tile systems for pools, tanks, chemical storage bunds, chemical processing and production areas, battery rooms

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Structural Grouting


Pre- cast construction
High strength, high flow, non shrink and shrinkage compensated grouts for under panel and dowel tube grouting, grout pumping and void filling for continuation of structures.

Mining and civil construction
High strength, high flow, non-shrink and shrinkage compensated cementitious and epoxy based grouts for machinery bearing pads, steel structures and pedestals, grout pumping and void filling for continuation of structures.

Joint Sealing


Concrete & pre cast construction
Single part, flexible polyurethane mastics for all jointing and caulking applications.

Civil construction
Single part polyurethane, polymer and silicone mastics, two part polysulphide and epoxy based mastics, multi component high movement joint systems, for roads, pavements, bridges, conveyers, water and sewage treatment and storage facilities, sub stations and switch yards.

Chemical resistant
Chemical resistant mastics for applications in pools, chemical and fuel storage/production areas

Fire rating applications
Intumescent acrylic and polyurethane fire rated mastics to achieve specified passive fire protection

Architectural cladding and exposed brick applications
Colour matched single part mastics applied and finished to achieve aesthetic appeal.



Repairs to existing structures, surfaces and buildings using specialised repair methods, remedial systems and products.

Technical Consultation & Product Distribution


From the beginning through to the completion of your project, we offer our clients extensive knowledge and practical experience with specialised product applications, system designs and technical consultation.

Specialised construction products may be purchased through Applicoat Construction Supplies. Visit the website for technical consultation and product sales.


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