5 months

Project Overview:

Remediation/redevelopment of the existing historic Merewether Ocean baths, including the restoration and rehabilitation of the existing sea walls and application of protective surface coatings to eliminate sea growth and produce an aesthetically appealing maintainable surface.

Areas of consideration:

The integrity and physical nature of the existing substrates- structural movement, hydrostatic water pressure and the removal of the existing coatings.
Products and application systems to be considered must withstand the extreme marine environment, continual tidal movements and unpredictable swell and weather conditions.
The limited curing conditions and the extreme exposures require specialised materials and applications.


Completed Works:

-    Product & application system design, implementation and consultation
-    Application of SHOTPATCH 20MCI using the gunite method to existing sea walls
-    Application of HYCRIL 301 methyl methacrylate coating system to all walls and ramps
-    Remediation and coating to the existing pump house using the Hycril system
-    Lettering and numbering to diving blocks and podiums
-    joint sealing to ramps and walls