Experience, Knowledge & Ability

Applicoat is a family owned and operated company providing specialised construction solutions for the industrial, commercial, civil, mining & residential industries.

Darryl Johnston started Applicoat in the early 80’s, primarily as an abrasive blasting and protective coatings business for mining and large industry, also specialising in domestic painting and remediation

Due to an emerging demand in the 80’s, Applicoat began to work more closely with many new epoxy and polyurethane technologies. Around the time of the devastating Newcastle earthquake in 1989, Applicoat had further diversified into specialised coatings, waterproofing, joint sealing and concrete repair; contributing to a large extent of the reparation work for many Hunter buildings, including some of Newcastle’s oldest landmarks. Where a lot of tradesmen came and went, Applicoat were one of the few local businesses to remain, providing quality service and workmanship to the Hunter Building & Construction Industry for the next 20 years.

Although the fundamentals have changed very little, our processes and technologies are keeping up with the current methods and systems. Our application techniques have continued to develop over the last 20 yrs and we now have the equipment and resources to meet the demands of large projects.

We have the knowledge and practical experience to overcome and provide successful outcomes for the more technical and complex projects.

Applicoat excels in completing our projects effectively, efficiently & safely

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